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We offer a service supplying memory cards with the latest version of free mcboot installed, here you can buy one for just £19.99

(updated 14/04/2015)


Why We Offer The Service


People who know how to dismantle their ps2, fiddle around with iso. files and have confidence in disc swapping will tell you free mcboot is easy to install, for the rest of us the very thought of messing about with the inside of a playstation and potentially harming the laser with disc swapping is out of the question.

Well thats where we come in, we supply memory cards with the latest version of free mcboot pre installed so you don't have to take your ps2 apart, you just plug in and play.


Free mcboot is free software and can be found at psx scene - we are not charging for it. we are however charging for the memory card its self, the postage and for me to have a pint at the pub opposit my local post office after i have posted your card.


whats on the card?


Free McBoot 1.92 (Multi - Regional)

SMS (Simple Media System)



HD Loader



What can you do with it?


The software above lets you play homebrew software, play back up copies of your PS2 games (saving the original disks), play imports, watch avi. movies through USB, play games Via an emulator (such as SNES/NES, Sega Genisis, C64 and many many more), play your ps2 games via USB stick or USBHDD, and more...

NOTE: although it is incredibly easy to download games, patch them and then play them with a free mcboot memory card in the ps2, or download game roms for emulators, this is illegal if you don't own a retail copy of the game. this site does not advocate piracy. :)


When will my card arrive?


We Ship Worldwide!


When we receive your order we will post your card the same day (post office hours) so in the UK for example, if you order before 6pm, you should recieve it the next working day, for international orders it will take upto 5 working days from when payment is received.


So go ahead, email us here peterfinch0797@gmail.com for payment options and get yours tomorrow!


NEW: For an extra £10 we can supply an 8gb memory stick including every bit of software available, Please be aware the standard package works perfectly well, this option is for those who wish to have everything :)











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